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May 28, 2010, 4:57 am
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Welcome to our blog!

This is the blog for the Women’s Studies Department at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Our program offers an undergraduate major and minor and a graduate level MS degree.

Women’s studies has helped shape the world and relationships within it, and uses the analysis of gender to explore women’s lives.  In addition, women’s studies analyzes the many ways that gender is affected by other social realities: race, class, age, sexuality and sexual preference, geography, ethnicity and religion.  The women’s studies classroom becomes a forum for exploring women in all their diversity and commonality.  A crucial component of the women’s studies curriculum is viewing women as active agents in all societies. By acknowledging women’s diversity and by studying women as activists in their countries and communities, students come to understand that movements for social change are diverse and multifaceted.

Women’s studies is an exciting, fast-growing interdisciplinary field.  By focusing on the lives, contributions and thoughts of women, a significant absence in traditional scholarship, Women’s Studies adds greatly to our knowledge and understanding of the human experience.  This interdisciplinary field creates the opportunity to evaluate and reevaluate what we know about the world, past and present, and it also provides a standpoint from which students can create informed and equitable solutions for the future.

This blog is also dedicated to ITROW, the Institute for Teaching and Research on Women. The Institute has three main purposes: (a) promoting research on women, (b) integrating the scholarship on women and diversity into educational curricula, and (c) engaging in public education and civic engagement related to women and their well being. ITROW was founded in 1990 to promote research on women and the integration of scholarship on women into the curriculum. It continues Towson University’s thirty-year tradition of experience, program success, and campus commitment to working on women’s lives. Through its activism, the Institute enhances the institutional goals of diversity and inclusiveness as faculty, staff, and students are prepared for participation in the pluralistic society in which we all live.

In this space, we will keep you informed of what Women’s Studies graduates are doing post-matriculation. If you are a Women’s Studies graduate, either major, minor, or MS student, you may email your updates to the ITROW graduate assistant, Liz Barr at

We will also maintain a calendar on this blog in order to reflect the diverse and dynamic events hosted by Women’s Studies and ITROW.


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