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welcome to fall 2010!
August 25, 2010, 5:36 pm
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Well, the fall 2010 semester has officially begun. Hopefully, as more students return to campus, this blog will have a lot more posts and guest contributors. Keep an eye out for updates to the “Graduate Student Glories” section of the page, where we’ll be updating you on papers that our grad students are presenting.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to the blog, email it to me (Liz Barr) at and I’ll see that it gets put on the blog.

Welcome to the fall semester everyone 🙂


19th Annual USM Women’s Forum Conference
July 20, 2010, 12:43 pm
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Mark your calendars to join us for the 19th Annual USM Women’s Forum Conference!

This year’s conference, Beyond Sisterhood – Enlightened Women of the 21st Century, will be held at UMUC Friday, October 22, 2010. The event features lunchtime mentoring sessions, designated tracks for staff and faculty, a special after-hours onsite networking event, and much more!

Register by October 1, 2010 for the discounted rate of $65 (prices increase to $75 after October 1).

Book lodging (onsite through Marriott) by September 17, 2010 to reserve the special USMWF discounted rate of $109/night.

Visit us online at for additional conference information, including registration forms and lodging reservations

Fall 2010 Course Offerings–Undergraduate
July 14, 2010, 12:08 pm
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This fall, we are offering the following undergraduate coures.

Women in Perspective–An examination of the status of women and women’s attempts to achieve economic, legal and social equality and physical integrity in the past and today with an emphasis on U.S. women. The focus is on both the commonalities and the diversity of women’s experience. Topics covered include marriage, motherhood, education, jobs and sexuality, with attention to race and class.

International Perspectives on Women–Interdisciplinary examination of women’s status and activism worldwide, including regional and local comparisons. Roles of governments and international organizations in shaping women’s experiences.

American Women and Popular Culture–Interdisciplinary examination of representations of women, femininity, and masculinity in contemporary American popular culture, using gender to apply critical analysis to film, literature, television, and music, including diverse responses of feminist artists and alternative media. This course will provide students with the critical tools to study women and gender in contemporary American culture by focusing on both heavily marketed, commercial products (television shows, movies, and the music industry) and alternate, less commercial popular culture forms (alternate music, “indie” films, activist art, exceptional television women, “chick lit,” and feminist magazines and “zines”).

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Fall 2010 Course Offerings–Graduate
July 14, 2010, 12:00 pm
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This fall, we are offering the following graduate coures.

Masculinities in Perspective–Examines the social construction of masculinities in the United States. Topics include men at work, male sexuality, men and violence, pornography, significant relationships, fatherhood and family life, pop culture, male centered social movements and changes over the lifecycle. Special attention will be paid to race, class, sexuality, age and other differences.

B-More: Baltimore and Urban Communities–In this course, we will analyze the several significant political, economic and cultural issues facing Baltimore and other urban communities. The central focus of this course will be on poverty, discrimination, economic development, and the criminal justice system—with special attention paid to gender, race, class, and youth.

Women and Not for Profit Leadership: Governance and Advocacy –Examines the role of governance and advocacy in the not-for-profit organization with attention to women’s roles and issues. Topics include strategic planning, board governance and community power-building.

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