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Harriet Smith in Detroit!
August 5, 2010, 1:18 pm
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From MS Student Harriet Smith:

The 3rd United States Social Forum ( took place in Detroit, Michigan from June 22nd through 26th. I attended as apart of Baltimore KIDz CITY ( We are a slowly growing childcare collective in Baltimore, committed to helping activist and radical spaces and activities be accessible by parents, child care givers, and children. Childcare collectives from all over the country worked in the months beforehand to plan a workshop called: Building an Intergenerational Movement for Collective Liberation: the Work of Childcare Collectives Across the States and the Galaxy! This was a historic moment (okay maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but pretty historic to us). Radical/feminist/anarchist/anti-racist/social-justice childcare collectives have never gathered in the US on that scale before (as far as we know). It was goose-bump inducing fun and fantastically facilitated. We had a brain-storm, with vision clouds, barrier lighting-bolts, tool tear drops and a river of dreams for the future. I’m getting tingly just thinking about it again. The room was packed with people who want community and activism to be intergenerational and are doing something to make that happen. It was like hanging out with a bunch of feel-good kindergarten teachers! Below is a picture of the organizers of the workshop. The day after the workshop we gathered and made plans for staying in touch, and continuing to work together, forming the IFCC (it sounds super official and stands for Intergalactic Federation of Childcare Collectives!)

The Intergalactic Federation of Childcare Collectives, Detroit MI


Jeff Lunnen in Mexico
July 22, 2010, 7:56 am
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Women’s Studies grad student Jeffrey Lunnen (Women in an International Context) traveled to Mexico City in early June 2010 to participate in the 2nd country meeting of the Road Safety in 10 Countries Project (RS10).  Jeffrey–an intern with the International Injury Research Unit (IIRU) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health– met with ministry of health officials, members of the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, the Global Road Safety Partnership as well as with local stakeholders from the states of Jalisco and Guanajuato.  The meetings, which took place over 2 days, resulted in the coordination of the consortium’s efforts to improve road safety in Mexico.  The trip concluded with a field visit to Guadalajara, Jalisco where Jeffrey spoke on behalf of IIRU at a formal reception attended by local lawmakers.

Summer greetings from Danielle
July 7, 2010, 9:29 pm
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One of our grad students, Danielle Walker, filled us in on her summer thus far:

This summer I have been kickin it with family and found a great summer job. I am working for an old women’s studies professor of mine from Ramapo College as her research assistant and am helping her write her book on death and dying. I also taught 4th graders at a 7 day religious program and had a blast with my kids. Looking forward to my first trip to Vermont where I will be exploring the outdoors and enjoying the magnificent night sky that I have heard about.
I am entering my second year at Towson University, with a concentration in Women, Health, and Sexuality. And might I add I am looking forward to learning about the health aspect this coming year and hope to get an awesome internship that will allow me to learn about the body and further explore my passion for the healing arts.
–Danielle Walker

Spring graduates, summer classes
July 6, 2010, 9:30 am
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We would like to congratulate all of our spring 2010 graduates. We had a remarkable group of students matriculate this past semester, and we are confident that they will make a real impact in their post-Towson lives.

This summer, the department is excited to offer the following courses:
Women in Perspective,
Woman as Citizen,
Women, Leadership, and Social Activism
and Conflict Resolution and Gender

Stay tuned for more updates about happenings in the department!

If you would like to keep us apprised of what’s happening in YOUR life, send an email to the ITROW graduate assistant, Liz Barr: